ABA Therapy Offered In Home or In Clinic!

At NBS, we are focused on helping each kiddo reach their full potential through ABA therapy!  We help in reducing problem behaviors while increasing skill development! Our overall goal is to aid in increasing your child’s level of independence!


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of individualized therapy designed to assist with increasing skill development and behavioral management. Our ABA services are offered in the child's home & community setting or at one of our conveniently located clinics. Families are assigned a team of highly experienced and educated autism experts whose approach to ABA is family-centered.


Oftentimes, our clients are receiving many different types of therapies in various locations, such as in school or in clinic, and as a result, each one of our amazing clients and their families have their own set of individual needs and goals. We collaborate with all outside team members, act as case managers, and client advocates to help each of our families bridge gaps between all clinicians! We believe continuity of care plays a critical role, working toward the shared goal of high quality treatment.


When a child is struggling with behavioral challenges, it can leave families feeling overwhelmed and at a loss on how to properly care for their child. We strive to assist our families with these challenges, every step of the way.  Our services include regular parent training and team meetings with our highly trained clinicians. These opportunities to collaborate with each family is an integral part in reducing challenging behaviors.  We believe active involvement by the families throughout the ABA treatment process can lead to better treatment outcomes for the child. When families have the proper skill set to help their child, they feel empowered!

Our Mission

To improve the lives of individuals and families impacted by Autism by offering results-oriented Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.

Newline Behavioral Solutions is Illinois’ premier ABA therapy provider. We apply a unique approach to ensure our ABA programs help children reach their full potential. Through the use of evidence-based teaching methods, our ABA treatment programs help change behaviors and by doing so promote independence and a greater quality of life for your child. Contact our team of professionals today to schedule a consultation!