Diversity Statement/Policy 

Newline is committed to creating an environment within which all team members are included, listened to, and treated with dignity and respect. It has been a priority of the company to ensure that those with diverse backgrounds are placed into positions within which they may contribute to our future success. As a company dedicated to serving clients with a range of ability levels and backgrounds, it is essential that Newline maintain a high level of diversity within its staff to provide the best possible care to our clients, as well as the best possible atmosphere for employee support and engagement. 

Throughout Newline’s history, the company has prioritized the equitable inclusion of people of all ages, races, gender identities, ethnicities, national origins, education levels, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, abilities, and familial structures. Short and long term diversity within the company will continue to be a priority for Newline as the needs of our clients, staff, and field continue to evolve. 

The following Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy will provide an ongoing framework for new and existing initiatives relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion utilized throughout all departments and levels of management. 

Newline Behavioral Solutions approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is, and will continue to be, supported by an array of policies meant to further encourage inclusive business practices, including but not limited to: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion: A commitment to attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds and fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for employees at all levels. 
  • Employee Code of Conduct: Ensuring that all employees are free from harassment, bulllying, or discrimination within their multiple digital and real world work environments. A commitment to maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment. 
  • Agency Code of Conduct: Newline is committed to maintaining compliance with its legal, ethical, and regulatory obligations. Additionally, the standards of behavior expected of all Newline employees, contractors, and consultants include fostering an atmosphere of respect, kindness, and support for everyone involved with the Newline mission. 
  • Equal Employment Opportunities: Newline will uphold its commitment to maintaining a supportive, safe, and productive work environment free from harassment or bullying in addition to ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements applicable. 
  • Flexibility in Scheduling and Workplace Arrangements: Newline is committed to ensuring that employees maintain a healthy balance of work and home life. We provide a range of options relating to taking leave or time off from work, as well as flexibility with employee schedules. 

Availability of Translation Services

Availability of translation services, in multiple languages, is on website/marketing materials and is stated at intake. a. Example: “Translation services provided upon request!” “Vertaaldienste word op aanvraag gelewer!” «Թարգմանության ծառայությունները մատուցվում են ըստ պահանջի» “Serviços de tradução fornecidos mediante solicitação!”