Clinic & Home Based
ABA Therapy

Clinic & Home Based ABA Therapy

Due to high demand, Newline Behavioral Solutions (NBS) now offers services both in home and clinic (Elgin & Addison, Naperville-coming soon)! Home based services are provided all throughout Illinois.  Both clinic and home based ABA offers benefits for children accessing ABA therapy. Our professional team at Newline Behavioral Solutions (NBS) can collaborate with you to discuss the best options for your child. We work hard with each family to come up with an ABA therapy schedule that fits into your family’s schedule, routine, home, and daily environment. Our goal is to help make life easier for our families, not harder! Providing options for families means more flexibility for our families! Contact us today for more information!

Family, siblings and peers are always encouraged to participate to aid in expanding the generalization of newly learned skills. ABA therapy is provided in as many of the learner’s natural environments as possible to encourage generalization and retention of skills. Another benefit of ABA therapy is that parents and family are able to receive ABA therapy training so parents feel more confident on how to manage behaviors or aid in teaching their child how to learn new skills. Contact Newline Behavioral Solutions today for more information about our ABA programs!